Barbara Newerla

Barbara Newerla became involved with meditation, consciousness expansion and healing while still at school. Various types of natural healing were of particular interest to her, such as homeopathy, Bach flower remedies, and phytotherapy. Barbara has also trained in various disciplines, including shiatsu energy massage, reiki, shamanic healing and geomancy. She later completed training as a practitioner of alternative medicine.

Through years of following a path with fellow crystal expert Michael Gienger, Barbara has been involved with the development of modern crystal healing from the beginning. Nowadays, she works mainly as a writer, leading seminars and educating in the fields of health, perception training and meditation.

For the last 15 years, Barbara and her husband, Peter Newerla, have been developing ‘FreiRaum’, their biology and geomancy company. They offer consultations as well as measurement and data collection (electromagnetic pollution and geopathic stress), as well as seminars and coaching.

Publication: Protect Yourself from Electromagnetic Pollution by using Healing Crystals, 2010, by Earthdancer / Findhorn Press

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