Marina Costelloe

Marina Costelloe showed clairvoyant abilities at a very young age and has been “reading” since she was six. She enjoys studying tarot, astrology, crystals, alchemy, past life, colour therapy, and Jungian Psychology. Marina credits her talents to her ancestry, her grandfather was an English Romany (gypsy). Marina is married and mother to a Crystal Child. Recently completing her first book – ‘Crystal Astrology’ she fulfilled a need to learn more about Mother Earth and her energy, whilst healing herself and those she loves.

Residing near Sydney Australia, Marina has travelled to many spiritual centres including the Taj Mahal, Hawaii, Niagara Falls, Ayers Rock, Tongariro, the Batu Caves, and many sacred sites including Aboriginal, Maori, Asian, and American Indian lands. Through these travels, Marina was blessed with “the energy experience” and insight into natural-ancient symbols that are linked to sacred land and ley lines.

Discovering that everyone can benefit from a blend of astrology, numerology, sabian symbols and crystals motivated Marina to write, and keep writing.  Marina started sharing the sacred information that was presented in personal crystal astrology natal charts in a clear, light, and modern way. Working in perfect synchronicity with her life, the Crystal Astrology has been miraculous at times.

“I see answers about my own life and its purpose in Crystal Energy.  At this time, our planet has an abundance of information rapidly entering all of our energy fields, many people are looking to their personal ascension process, Crystals help in this process by supporting us, energising us and providing a stable framework to raise our intention energy, divine love, and to realise our life path in simple terms. I believe Crystals light our path clear.”

The Complete Guide to Crystal Astrology, 2007, by Earthdancer / Findhorn Press (Out of print, available as e-book)

The Complete Guide to Manifesting with Crystals, 2009, by Earthdancer / Findhorn Press (Out of print)

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