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Have you ever heard that little skeptical voice piping up in your head when you are trying to think positively? It is in everyone’s head, this is called the mind or the ego. Chris Alexandria has discovered a technique for “tricking” the mind, and she explains with great humor how she learned to do this, what she discovered, and how it can make a difference for anyone, including you. Attracting positive things with ease, Chris shares the simple but effective practical exercises that have worked not only for her, but her clients worldwide.





96 pages, Paperback
Size:    115 x 165 mm or 4.5 x 6.5 inches
Illustration: Full colour
Published price: 5.99 GBP, 9.95 US$
ISBN: 978-184409-693-0, publication 15 March 2016


Endosements for this book

“If you have any questions that need answers, then Askfirmations: Live the Life You Desire Simply by Asking is the book for you.Chris Alexandria has cut to the chase with a powerful book that encourages the universe to tell you exactly what you need to do and how to do it”

Bravo, bravo to Chris Alexandria!


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Chris Alexandria has written a fresh-faced account of the LAW OF ATTRACTION, which defies some of the other less equipped theses on the subject of:
My advice is, read it on an empty stomach and by completion, you will feel an elegant meal digesting within. Then when ready, go for a jog throughout its content again, feeling your breath pant with the anticipation of creation within the Universe.
STEWART PEARCE Angel Visionary and Sound Healer.


Why do I love ASKfirmations so much?  Since reading the book, “Askfirmations,” by Chris Alexandria, I am always asking such questions:  “Why am I so Blessed?”  “Why am I surrounded by such loving people?”  “How am I so fortunate?”  Her “twist” on affirmations has opened up my world/experience to more and more abundance and gratitude in my life.  Just by switching affirmations (which I typically do) to “ASKfirmations,” my day proceeds magically and full of an increasing amount of “good things.”  Everything becomes perfect in my day for I allow the Universe to show me the answers to my questions.  And it would do the same for anyone applying these principles, I am certain.

Chris Alexandria’s book, “Askfirmations,” is a delightful read.  It is funny and at the same time authentically revealing of her journey and her connection to spirit.  I highly recommend this book for a glimpse in her world, as well as the important information about her concept of “asking affirmations”:  ASKfirmations!

P. Hawse


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