Protect Yourself from EMP review by Nicholas Pearson

Protect Yourself from Electromagnetic Pollution

This small volume is richly illustrated and is a wonderfully concise pocket guide to working with crystals to counteract the effects of unwanted electromagnetic energies. Having a strong background in science, I appreciate that this book is well-grounded and refutes many claims made about the efficacy of crystals in repelling unwanted radiation. Rather than tout that crystals will redirect or altogether block EM pollution, the author instead gives the reader advice for how crystals can help us to recover from, increase resistance to, or alleviate the symptoms associated with excessive EM exposure. Although the author may not be a proponent of the idea of crystals shielding us from the influence of these frequencies on an energetic level, she stands behind their resonance on a purely spiritual level for empathic protection and healing.— Nicholas Pearson 

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