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Twelve Essential Healing Crystals

This is your own home pharmacy in portable, pocket form. The guide explains many illnesses and complaints in clear, concise, understandable language and suggests the appropriate stone for each ailment and how to use it.  Continue reading

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Protect Yourself from Electromagnetic Pollution by using Crystals

Crystals are wonderful aids in all areas of life, but do they really help with the effects of radiation and electromagnetic pollution? The definitive answer is yes, they do.  Continue reading

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Gem Water

Adding crystals to water is both visually appealing and healthy. The water becomes infused with crystalline energy. It is a known fact that water carries mineral information and Gem Water provides effective remedies, acting quickly on a physical level. It is similar and complementary to wearing crystals, but the effects are not necessarily the same.  Continue reading

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Purifying Crystals

The correct cleansing of healing crystals is an essential prerequisite for working with them successfully. But how can this be done effectively? There appear to be many different opinions on the subject.  Continue reading

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The Healing Crystal First Aid Manual

Based upon on many years of research by the author and his practical experience of crystal therapy, it provides help and useful advice for the use of healing crystals in your own home.  Continue reading

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Quartz Crystals

The book allows the reader to quickly and easily identify an array of quartz crystals and become familiar with their distinctive features. Colourful pictures bring the reader up close to the beauty and diversity of the quartz crystal family, illustrating specific details of each crystal formation described.  Continue reading

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Crystal Power: Mythology and History

This book reveals the long- standing significance, high regard and use in therapy and healing of stones, crystals and gems – from the earliest civilizations such as Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt, through the classical world of Greece and Rome and into medieval European cultures.  Continue reading

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