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„Through a wonder this brilliant book by Ulrich Emil Duprée came into my hands, when I was stuck in a deep crisis. Through Ho’oponopono I have been able to experience a radical transformation on a stupefying wide level, it is just an ingenious turbo for universal transformation! Thank you so much!”
Silvia Tausenfreund  Continue reading

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Michael Gienger

Michael Gienger was born on 20 May 1964 in Nürtingen and grew up in South Germany beside the Schönbuch forest. Even as a child, he felt that his true home was in the woods and in the natural world. He inherited …  Continue reading

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Marina Costelloe

Marina Costelloe showed clairvoyant abilities at a very young age and has been “reading” since she was six. She enjoys studying tarot, astrology, crystals, alchemy, past life, colour therapy, and Jungian Psychology. Marina credits her talents to her ancestry, her …  Continue reading

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