Ancestral Healing for Your Spiritual and Genetic Families

Authors: Jeanne Ruland & Shantidevi

Drawing on the Huna Hawaiian shamanic tradition as well as other shamanic and energetic practices and rituals, the authors show how to connect with our Aumakua, which includes our close relatives, ancestors stretching back thousands of years, and our spiritual ancestors or karmic family, for healing and self-development.

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The Body Clock in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Understanding Our Energy Cycles for Health and Healing

Author: Lothar Ursinus

In this guide to our organs’ daily energetic cycles according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the author shows how to support the body’s natural rhythms of activity, recognize the body’s signals of imbalance and find their sources, and achieve healing on the physical and energetic levels.

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The Tree Angel Oracle Deck

The Ancient Path into the Sacred Grove

Author: Fred Hageneder

Illustration: Anne Heng

In this oracle card and book set, Fred Hageneder shares deep messages and wisdom from the Tree Angels of 36 different tree species, those from the old Celtic “Tree Alphabet” along with other well-known trees from all over the world. The guidebook provides a detailed message and interpretation for each card.

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