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Inner Practices for the Twelve Nights of Yuletide

A practical guide to contemplative and spiritual practices for the magical season of Yuletide, December 21st through January 2nd.

The 12 nights following the winter solstice–Yuletide–offer the ideal opportunity for inner focusing, for seeing signs, and for planting seeds for the future. This book shares reflective themes and exercises for each night (and the day to follow) and guided meditations to deepen the experience.

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Authors: Anne Stallkamp & Werner Hartung

The Tree Horoscope

Discover Your Birth-Tree and Personal Destiny

A full-color guide to the tree horoscope calendar, where 22 archetypal trees are associated with different dates throughout the year.

Drawing on her intimate knowledge of trees and connections to Celtic traditions, Daniela Christine Huber explains how to determine your personal tree of life depending on your date of birth. For each of the 22 archetypal trees, she details their spiritual meaning and explores how your birth-tree reveals your gifts, talents, and life path.

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Author: Daniela Christine Huber