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The Paradigm Change

Ho’oponopono is a spiritual-soul method of purification that cleanses us from fears and worries, destructive relationship patterns, and any religious dogmas and paradigms that oppose our personal and spiritual development. It cleans out the blockages in our thoughts and cell structure, for our thoughts are made manifest in our body. This is the paradigm change.

This method is of Hawaiian origin and is based on the understanding that we live in a Universe of abundance and that God (‘Akua’, the original Source) wants us to enjoy this abundance and perfection. However, what obstructs our experience of real abundance, loving togetherness, inner wealth, spiritual growth and perfect health is our own self. It is our thinking, grounded and reinforced by a great deal of experience, which for a long time now has lost its validity. Its persistent attachment to fears and cares, to judgments, doubt and the negative mass consciousness frustrates our experience of our own perfection.

Imagine that you are holding a big stone in each hand. If I should want to give you some money right now, you must first put the stones aside. The same applies to our patterns and prejudices, our values and the gifts of the Universe. The key to being able to receive, lies in the ability to let something go, in the faith that we will not suffer any harm or loss thereby.

The forgiveness ritual of Ho’oponopono is love in action. You forgive yourself and others for having inflicted any sort of hurt, or for having failed to help when needed. ‘Making things rightly right’ is a simple four-step procedure that helps you learn to forgive yourself unconditionally, to love, and, additionally, to make things better. It is as if you were reformatting your computer’s hard disk. It wipes out all the data that makes your life slow and burdensome.

If something disturbs us and we feel disharmony within ourselves, maybe recognise a problem or a conflict, we can always make a Ho’oponopono.

1. We ask to reach a place of recognition, courage, power, intelligence and peace.
2. We describe the problem and then search our heart for our share in it. This share may, for example, be a judgment we have made, or a specific action, or a memory that requires healing.
3.  We forgive unconditionally and speak the four magic sentences:  I am sorry. Please forgive me. I love you. Thank you.
4.  We give thanks, express trust and let go.

This simple and elegant method will not only ensure the resolution of personal problems and challenges, but also resolve conflicts within a community or group.

Adapted from Ho’oponopono, The Hawaiian forgiveness ritual as the key to your life’s fulfillment, by Ulrich E. Dupree, EarthDancer, A Findhorn Press Imprint, 2012.

Posted by:  Annie B. Bond


Ulrich Emil Duprée

Ulrich Emil Duprée is a spiritual seeker and teacher, an author and a leader of seminars, who has studied and trained in yoga, philosophy and metaphysics. He lives, among other places, in a Hindu monastery where he studies ancient Hindu scriptures. Further information can be found at www.hooponoponoeasy.com


The Hawaiian forgiveness ritual as the key to your life’s fulfillement

by Ulrich Emil Duprée

Ho’oponopono is the Hawaiian ritual of forgiveness. It proceeds from an understanding of the oneness of everything in the world, which exists even though we feel ourselves to be separate. Because of this oneness, nothing can happen in our own world without creating a resonance in the observer. It follows that we can only influence problems in the external world if we heal the corresponding inner resonance. Ho’oponopono consists of four consequent magic sentences: ‘I am sorry. Please forgive me. I love you. Thank you.’ In this little book Ulrich Emil Duprée describes Ho’oponopono in a simple way that everyone can immediately make their own.

Extent: 96 pages
Binding: Paperback
Size:115 x 165 mm portrait
Illustration: Full colour
Published price: £5.99/ US$ 9.95
ISBN: 978-1-84409-597-1

Published September 2012

Endorsement quotes:

„Through a wonder this brilliant book by Ulrich Emil Duprée came into my hands, when I was stuck in a deep crisis. Through Ho’oponopono I have been able to experience a radical transformation on a stupefying wide level, it is just an ingenious turbo for universal transformation! Thank you so much!” Silvia Tausenfreund

“Dear Mr. Duprée you have discovered a spiritual gold mine. Thank you so much. I can only say that it works and I am using this method in many areas of my life. In our office the whole atmosphere has changed. Thank you.” Yours Sandra (Secretary)

The Healing Crystal First Aid Manual, review by Lauren D’Silva, BellaOnline

The Healing Crystal First Aid Manual by Gienger
The Healing Crystal First Aid Manual by Michael Gienger is an easy way for anyone to find out which crystals may help them alleviate a whole variety of common ailments. There are some useful tips and advice about how to use the suggested crystals in treatments too.

I was fortunate enough to be sent a copy of Gienger’s book for review. The book is organised as an A-Z manual of ailments, so that it is usually quite easy to locate the advice you need. First Gienger explains the ailment in accessible terms and then he recommends one or more crystals that he has found to be effective in treating that condition and the most appropriate methods of application. Although most of the ailments listed are physical, he also has some suggestions for more emotional states such as fear and nervousness and for processes such as detoxification. There is an index of the conditions covered at the front of the book, which is useful. It is important to state that Gienger isn’t suggesting that you treat serious medical conditions solely with crystals. His stance is that if you need professional treatment you should go and seek it, however you may support your treatment with crystals.

Part One of the book is a brief overview of crystal healing, followed by Part Two which is the A-Z section of ailments which forms the majority of the text. Part Three suggests crystals to have at hand in Home Remedy Kits. Finally there is a photographic section detailing the crystals and their key attributes. The photos are very striking, captured in the trademark style Gienger utilised in his excellent book, Crystal Power, Crystal Healing: The Complete Handbook.

The Healing Crystal First Aid Manual had already been recommended to me by one of my students. She has made extensive use of it and had shown me a few simple but effective techniques that I have since incorporated into my own crystal healing repertoire. One of the helpful tips is to use an amethyst druse to take away headaches. I use a cluster that I can easily hold in my hand, although Gienger suggests a saucer size piece, which I would find a bit too heavy. You use the amethyst a bit like a hairbrush, holding it just an inch or so from the physical body and ‘brushing’ from the hairline, over the head and down to the back of the neck, first on the centreline, then giving 4-5 strokes on either side of the head until you reach the ear. There is a helpful little line drawing in the book.

I think this is an excellent reference book for anyone who likes crystals and wants guidance on how they can use them for their own wellbeing. Overall Gienger’s suggestions seem sound and he has based them on many years of personal experience in healing with crystals.

For those of us that choose appropriate crystals more intuitively for treatments the book is perhaps less essential, however it is still interesting to look at what Gienger would recommend for the presenting condition. It is also very helpful for self treatment, as it can be harder for therapists to ‘therapy themselves’. I’m pleased to add it to my collection of crystal reference books and have found that I’ve already referred to it several times for myself and clients in the month since I’ve had it.

gNew Age Site
Lauren D´Silva
BellaOnline’s New Age Editor

Purifying Crystals MB, Heartland Healing Magazine 28 january/february 2009

Purifying Crystals

Purifying Crystals: How to clear, charge and purify your healing crystals

The crystalline form of matter can range from solid metals (polycrystalline) to various forms of quartz, silicon or even ice. Snowflakes, diamonds and table salt are all crystals. Certain crystals are used to store, amplify or organize energy.

With technology, we use crystals continuously in our daily life. They regulate our timepieces, tune our radios and televisions and operate our computers. In doing all these various chores, crystals process energy. But they are not maintenance- free.

Most of us have experienced the famous computer prompt, “Not enough memory.” That often means that the central processing unit of the computer is full to the top with information. That computer processor is made from silicon crystal. When the computer “crashes,” we have to reboot. In essence, that means clearing the excess data from the crystal computer chip.

Personal crystals in the form of pendants, jewelry and such perform a similar function. A crystal can store personal emotional energy, universal background energy and other dynamics. And, like a computer crystal or power transistor, they benefit from regular resetting or clearing. To clear the “bad” memory of a computer silicon crystal processor, we use software or reboot. But how do you clear the energy field of that diamond in your engagement ring or the tourmaline quartz of your necklace or that amethyst pendant?

Purifying Crystals — How to clear, charge and purify your healing crystals (Findhorn Press) has the answer for you. Michael Gienger has put together a simple guide on how to work with the crystals in your collection to maintain them and keep them functioning properly. In this small 64-page handbook you will find some of the accepted methods of cleansing and energizing crystals.

Since the use of crystals in their natural state is not a perfect science, methodology, reliable information and techniques vary on how to maintain them. Gienger sticks with some of the widely accepted, non-controversial techniques. Those generally use elements found in nature, staying close to energies like light, sound and materials like water and smoke.

Different crystals have different characteristics and the types of energies used to affect them will vary. Some crystals respond better to moon light as a purification energy; some to sunlight. Ocean water and fresh water are used. Smudging crystals with various herbs is another technique. And the prime energy, thought, is not overlooked. Gienger describes ceremonial cleansing techniques that can be used for any crystal. Nearly every page of the book has beautiful pictures or illustrations, all in full color. That makes crystal identification easy for the novice and methods quick to identify. The book also features sections on how to store and protect your valuable crystals even ways to clean and polish them physically.

Crystals are used for healing and affecting the body. They can be used to influence and affect rooms, businesses and homes as well. A brief section covers some of the ways to use your crystals to your benefit as you display them.

We’re all drawn to pretty, colorful products of nature like crystals and gems. What makes them special is the affect they have on us. With this new book, knowing how to properly harness that crystal power and to maintain our valuable crystal helpers has never been easier.

— MB, Heartland Healing Magazine 28 january/february 2009

Quartz Crystals review by MB, Heartland Healing Magazine

Quartz Crystals

Quartz Crystals: A guide to identifying quartz crystals and their healing properties

Quartz is the most common of crystals and the quartz family is a large one. Members vary by size, shape, color and opacity. They may grow in huge matrices or appear to us singularly. They have age, individual characteristics such as inclusions, terminations or partners. All share one trait, however, and that is they work with energy.

Isabel Silveira was born in Brazil and began her study of crystals in the mid- 90s with master teacher Antonio Duncan. Brazil happens to be one of the planet’s richest quartz crystal repositories. (Our own state of Arkansas is rich in crystal mines, also.)

In Silveira’s book, we learn to identify the most common different types of quartz crystals. The first section takes us through the various types ranging from amethyst through tangerine into smoky and rose. The metaphysical as well as physical properties are described and accompanied by breathtaking photos, very well done.

Since the quartz crystal family is so large, Silveira limits her coverage to the primary tools used in crystal energy applications. Those covered in her book are white, citrine, amethyst, smoky, tangerine and rose. Each of those appear in the various forms that subdivide the grouping even further.

As Silveira describes in the second section, the primary function of a given crystal is partially determined by its physical shape and form. All quartz crystals have exactly six terminal facets. Sometimes the crystals have terminations at both ends. In a case like that, each end has six. How these six facets align or interrelate can affect the use of the crystal. Other characteristics make functions identifiable also. Whether a quartz crystal has inclusions, is joined with a twin, is in multiple — many differences — can determine what the best use of a particular crystal may be.

Example names of the different forms and functions include the druse, the cathedral, tabular, window, record keeper, aggregators, manifestation crystals, laser and so on. I have been paying attention to crystals for decades and have attended various workshops on three continents and still I found Silveira’s information and descriptions fascinating and with new information. As old as the use of crystals is, the field has actually advanced in uncovering (or more likely, rediscovering) some of the archetypal information regarding them.

In the final section of the book, Silveira recounts some of her own experience with crystals and how she uses them. Since crystals have to do with energy — storage, deflecting, channeling, amplifying and so on — the description of applications the author has used is an important part. We live in a world that is increasingly subjecting us to wave upon wave of energy from power sources, media devices, computers, phones and the like. How crystals play into that energy field is an intriguing bit of insight making this book even more valuable.

For anyone with an interest in the metaphysical properties of crystals, this book will be a welcome addition to your library.

— MB, Heartland Healing Magazine

Gem Water review by Devann Cristi Porschien

This little book was just was I was looking for ! I have been making my own gemstones in water and drinking it, not sure what I was doing or why, I was just compelled. I kept thinking, “If stones give off certain energies, and water absorbs and retains energies/memory/information, then can I drink their energy”.

Then one day I ran across this little book and ordered it right-a-way! It was EXACTLY what I was looking for!

— Devann Cristi Porschien

Gem Water review by Amber Stone

A Review of Gem Water

“A very well written and concise discussion on the practice and therapeutic benefits of gem water. I highly recommend this book for anyone interested in this powerful medicine that will in time be a greatly appreciated method of healing.”

— Amber Stone

Healing Crystal First Aid Manual review by M P Dumont

An extremely useful and well written guide to treating specific health problems using minerals and crystals. I consider this text to be one of the best references in my library on “New Age” therapies. The author’s approach to this subject is refreshingly scientific compared to the many previously written books on crystal healing, that contain mostly “New Age” fluff. I highly recommend this book on crystal healing by Michael Gienger.

— M P Dumont

Michael Gienger

Michael Gienger was born on 20 May 1964 in Nürtingen and grew up in South Germany beside the Schönbuch forest. Even as a child, he felt that his true home was in the woods and in the natural world. He inherited a love of the mountains from his parents and it was there that he also developed his passion for crystals. At the age of eight, he began to collect minerals systematically and at twelve attended his first geology lessons at community college.

At about the same time, there was a growing movement among youth groups that united young people to work towards a meaningful life. At the age of fourteen, Michael Gienger began to lead school groups; at just sixteen he founded a magazine with friends that was devoted to topics such as natural healing, healthy nutrition, environmental protection, human rights, social responsibility, peace and freedom.

At the age of twenty-one, after personal experience of the healing power of crystals, Michael Gienger developed an interest in healing crystal therapy and, having trained at an alternative therapy school in 1988, went on to make a significant contribution to its development. With a group of friends, he founded the first crystal healing research group in Stuttgart, followed by Steinheilkunde e.V., a crystal healing association (1995), the Cairn Elen Life Schools (1997), the Cairn Elen Crystal Healing Network (1998) and, finally, the Edition Cairn Elen imprint at Neue Erde (2000), through which both his own works and those of many colleagues have been published.

Twenty of Michael Gienger’s books have been published, with editions available in a total of twelve languages. His magnum opus, the New Encyclopaedia of Healing Stones, was unfortunately destined to remain unfinished.

Mindfulness and a sense of responsibility were the key motivating factors that led him to associate himself with fair trade in the mineral and gemstone business in 2005, and this involvement led him to participate in the Honduras Opal project in Lempira/Honduras from 2008. The non-profit Fair Trade Minerals & Gems e.V. association, on whose board he served, was founded on his initiative in 2009.

In addition to his work on natural healing therapies and social responsibility, Michael Gienger was always concerned with promoting the understanding that only a change in our inner attitudes can make a healthy and holistic life of fulfilment and happiness possible for all. For him, a new lifestyle for the future was based on a mutual interplay of inner understanding and external involvement, to which he contributed with lectures, training courses, publications and useful products.

Michael Gienger left behind his physical body on 16 November 2014 after a short but serious illness. He has gone, but his ideas remain.

Healing Crystals 2nd revised edition, 2014, by Earthdancer / Findhorn Press
Healing Crystal First Aid Manual, 2006, by Earthdancer / Findhorn Press
Gem Water, 2008, by Earthdancer / Findhorn Press
Purifying Crystals, 2008, by Earthdancer / Findhorn Press

Crystal Gifts, 2015, by Earthdancer /Findhorn Press

Website: http://www.michael-gienger.de/

Joachim Goebel

Joachim Goebel; even in early childhood, was always irresistibly drawn to the water element. Playful activities with water deepened into natural curiosity in his youth, and he became increasingly interested in the study of this natural phenomenon. His interest in healing grew steadily at the same time. Joachim Goebel studied medicine and then dedicated himself, in parallel, to Ayurvedic studies and various different natural healing processes. In this connection he recognized water as the elixir of life in this, our mortal state, and he devoted himself with even greater commitment to the holistic research of water. In 1997, he was introduced to the subject of crystal healing. Further inspired by the teachings of the medieval naturalist Hildegard von Bingen, Joachim Goebel began his ‘water and gem’ research in 1998. At the time, gem water was largely unheard of, so he began with initial examinations and trials. They were so successful that the subject of gem water became the focus of his daily professional activities. As a lecturer in crystal healing he gives talks, seminars and training on the subject of gem water and also offers personal consultations.

Publication: Gem Water, 2008, by Earthdancer / Findhorn press

Website: http://www.edelstein-wasser.de/

Isabel Silveira

Maria Isabel Cintra da Silveira was born in São Paulo in 1965. She graduated from FAAP in 1987 as a Business Administrator specializing in Marketing, before working for three years in the financial markets.

In 1989, great inner changes saw Isabel begin a path of studies in search of the necessary knowledge for her transformation and growth. The book Dancing in the Light, written by the actress Shirley MacLaine, was the landmark discovery on her spiritual journey.In 1995 Isabel met the Crystal master, Antonio Duncan. As well as imparting his vast knowledge and expertise, Duncan was responsible for awakening in Isabel her gift of connection with the mineral realm and taught her how to ‘listen’ to crystals.

Crystals have since become a means of expression in Isabel’s life, part of her day-to-day activities, both personally and professionally.

Isabel has developed a singular ability to relate the functions of crystals with themes approached by Radioesthesy, Radionics, Shamanism, Kabbalah and Mythology. Through her work, even abstract theoretical concepts achieve manifest and concrete form through a ‘crystalline embodiment’. The result is an incredibly effective means of assimilating those concepts into our lives, allowing the necessary transformation and growth for our evolutionary process.

Quartz Crystals, 2008, by Earthdancer / Findhorn Press

Website: http://www.reinomineral.com.br/

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Healing Crystals review by M W Price

This is one I’m recommending to all my attuned friends: more stones included than in even The Crystal Bible (J. Hall) in an even smaller format for easy transport to shops and shows. Very little is lost in the German to English translation, and this book includes clear color photo illustrations. There is information about specific agate markings I haven’t found in any of the many other crystal healing books I have reviewed. The only drawbacks to this book are that it does not go into the detail that “Bible” and others do and it does not include information about how to use the stones therapeutically, but this is not the point of the book. The book is an excellent, extensive photo reference with space for the reader to indicate which stones have been collected, not a textbook on healing with stones. It is a worthwhile addition to your library on crystal healing.

— M W Price

Gem Water

How to prepare and use more than 130 gem waters for therapeutic treatments

by Michael Gienger & Joachim Goebel

Adding crystals to water is both visually appealing and healthy. The water becomes infused with crystalline energy!

It is a known fact that water carries mineral information, and, following this principle, gem-infused water can provide effective remedies that act quickly on a physical level. The use of Gem Water is similar and complementary to the wearing of crystals, but the effects are not necessarily the same.

This book will tell you all you need to know about the correct way to prepare Gem Water and provides important information on which crystals are appropriate to use (some are not!). The concept may appear simple at first, but you need to apply it with care, and the book explains all the facts you need to know before getting started.

The book features over 100 Crystals and 34 special mixtures with their effects as Gem Water remedies.

Extent: 96 pages, full colour
Binding: Paperback
Size: 115 x 165 mm portrait
Illustration: Full colour with many photographs
Published price: £ 5.99/ US$ 11.95

ISBN 13: 978-1-84409-131-7

Publication date: April 1st 2008

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Learn more about Joachim Goebel

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Gem Water review by Devann Cristi Porschien

Gem Water review by Amber Stone

Purifying Crystals

How to clear, charge and purify your healing crystals

by Michael Gienger

This book should be of interest to anyone who uses crystals for healing purposes. The correct cleansing of healing crystals is an essential prerequisite for working with them successfully. But how can this be done effectively? There appear to be many different opinions on the subject.

What often causes confusion is that there are methods for eliminating information from crystals, methods for cleansing crystals of foreign or undesirable energies, and methods for charging crystals; and depending on the desired result, a different method should be used in each case.

This useful little guidebook explores many of the known methods – their uses, efficacy and limitations – and provides you with all you need to know to clear, cleanse and charge your healing crystals.

Other topics include the external cleaning of jewellery for purely aesthetic purposes, and the correct application of crystals for cleansing rooms.

Extent: 64 pages
Binding: Paperback
Size:115 x 165 mm portrait
Illustration: Full color with many pictures
Published price: £4.99/ US$ 9.95
ISBN: 978-1-84409-147-8

Publication date: September 2008

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Purifying Crystals MB, Heartland Healing Magazine 28 january/february 2009

The Healing Crystal First Aid Manual

A Practical A to Z of common ailments and illnesses and how they can be best treated with crystal therapy

by Michael Gienger

This is an easy-to-use A-Z guide for treating many common ailments and illnesses with the help of crystal therapy.
It includes a comprehensive color appendix with photographs and short descriptions of each gemstone recommended.

Based upon on many years of research by the author and his practical experience of crystal therapy, it provides help and useful advice for the use of healing crystals in your own home.
Not only does it give exact advice on how to use the crystals but it also depicts clearly what the illness is about and which psychological roots might be the cause of it.

So, whilst in no way is the book intended as a substitute for your doctor or alternative practitioner, the book serves as a complement to their skills and many will find it just as indispensable.

Extent: 320 pages b/w
Binding: Paperback with cover flaps
Size: 145 x 208 mm portrait
Illustration: 32 color pages insert with photographs
Published price: £13.99/ US$ 28.95
ISBN: 978-1-84409-084-6

Publication date: September 2006

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Healing Crystal First Aid Manual review by M P Dumont

Healing Crystal First Aid Manual review by Lauren D’Silva

Quartz Crystals

A guide to identifying quartz crystals and their healing properties

by Isabel Silveira

This is an innovative work in both theme and presentation.

The book allows the reader to quickly and easily identify an array of quartz crystals and become familiar with their distinctive features. Colourful pictures bring the reader up close to the beauty and diversity of the quartz crystal family, illustrating specific details of each crystal formation described.

Also included is a rich report of the author’s personal experiences of working with quartz crystals on a daily basis, showing possible uses for the energetic qualities of each piece.

Objectivity, practicality and beauty make this book an indispensable work for those who admire the splendour of the mineral realm, and wish to develop an understanding of its energetic properties.

Extent: 80 pages
Binding: Paperback
Size: 146 x 208 mm portrait
Illustration: Full color
Published price: £8.99/ US$ 17.95
ISBN: 978-1-84409-148-5

Publication date: September 2008

Learn more about the author

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Quartz Crystals review by MB, Heartland Healing Magazine