Here is our choice of some interesting links:

Aristia: sells conscious tools and products to assist in these ever changing times and to help with this transition in humanity. Crystals, crystal healing products and more.

Crystal Age: here you can find a great choice of healing crystals of all kinds.

Earth Heart Music: was founded on 09 09 2009 by the composer and harper Fred Hageneder to publish a wide variety of acoustic world music. ‘World music’ comprising classical as well as folk as well as new compositions from people from any cultural sphere.

Findhorn Press: is an independent publishing house in northeast Scotland which offers books, sets of cards, cds and dvds that cover a wide range of ‘mind-body-spirit’ topics such as nature, spirituality, alternative health (for both people and for animals), self-help, etc

Heartland Healing Magazine: Heartland Healing embraces the broader concept of the word “healing.” Taken in its full meaning, the word connotes “wholeness, to make one.” In that light, the title of our magazine reflects a goal to support the oneness of the community, our wholeness.

Neue Erde: is the German publishing house who first published books by Michael Gienger about crystal healing. Here you can find an interesting range of books in German about many spiritual topics.

Paradigm Shift Magazine: Shift your paradigm with Paradigm Shift magazine!

Pilgrims: Mind Body Spirit online store and magazine.

BellaOnline: provides an encouraging, supportive publishing community for women.

Rainbow Spirit Festival: spiritual festival in Freudenstadt with music, workshops and much more.

Rock & Gem Magazine: Magazine about crystals, minerals and gems.

Stonebridgeimports: specializes in gemstones and crystals from all over the world.

Vita Juwel: Producer of Vita Juwel – the perfectly designed method of specific water information. i. e. for making gem water.