The Body Clock in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Understanding Our Energy Cycles for Health and Healing

“There is a right time for everything”—and this is equally true in our bodies, whose functions are regulated by an internal clock. Every organ system has a fixed time at which it is either particularly active or at rest, and respect for these individual schedules will have positive benefits for our health. Physical complaints that recur at certain hours of the day may also indicate an imbalance affecting a particular organ. Lothar Ursinus has been one of Germany’s leading alternative practitioners for more than 30 years. In his usual engaging style, he describes exactly what we are able to discover about the “body clock” phenomenon and what makes our bodies “tick,” before describing what we can do to support our organs and their rhythms with herbal medicine, homeopathy, daily exercise, and lifestyle choices. If w understand the mutual influences exerted by our various organ systems and listen to our bodies more, we will find it easy to grasp the way our organs are linked with our varying emotional states— and it will also help us to reconnect with our bodies and induce deep healing.

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Publishing date: March 3rd, 2020