Ho’oponopono – Review by Annie B. Bond, TerraSpheres.com

The Paradigm Change

Ho’oponopono is a spiritual-soul method of purification that cleanses us from fears and worries, destructive relationship patterns, and any religious dogmas and paradigms that oppose our personal and spiritual development. It cleans out the blockages in our thoughts and cell structure, for our thoughts are made manifest in our body. This is the paradigm change.

This method is of Hawaiian origin and is based on the understanding that we live in a Universe of abundance and that God (‘Akua’, the original Source) wants us to enjoy this abundance and perfection. However, what obstructs our experience of real abundance, loving togetherness, inner wealth, spiritual growth and perfect health is our own self. It is our thinking, grounded and reinforced by a great deal of experience, which for a long time now has lost its validity. Its persistent attachment to fears and cares, to judgments, doubt and the negative mass consciousness frustrates our experience of our own perfection.

Imagine that you are holding a big stone in each hand. If I should want to give you some money right now, you must first put the stones aside. The same applies to our patterns and prejudices, our values and the gifts of the Universe. The key to being able to receive, lies in the ability to let something go, in the faith that we will not suffer any harm or loss thereby.

The forgiveness ritual of Ho’oponopono is love in action. You forgive yourself and others for having inflicted any sort of hurt, or for having failed to help when needed. ‘Making things rightly right’ is a simple four-step procedure that helps you learn to forgive yourself unconditionally, to love, and, additionally, to make things better. It is as if you were reformatting your computer’s hard disk. It wipes out all the data that makes your life slow and burdensome.

If something disturbs us and we feel disharmony within ourselves, maybe recognise a problem or a conflict, we can always make a Ho’oponopono.

1. We ask to reach a place of recognition, courage, power, intelligence and peace.
2. We describe the problem and then search our heart for our share in it. This share may, for example, be a judgment we have made, or a specific action, or a memory that requires healing.
3.  We forgive unconditionally and speak the four magic sentences:  I am sorry. Please forgive me. I love you. Thank you.
4.  We give thanks, express trust and let go.

This simple and elegant method will not only ensure the resolution of personal problems and challenges, but also resolve conflicts within a community or group.

Adapted from Ho’oponopono, The Hawaiian forgiveness ritual as the key to your life’s fulfillment, by Ulrich E. Dupree, EarthDancer, A Findhorn Press Imprint, 2012.

Posted by:  Annie B. Bond