Purifying Crystals MB, Heartland Healing Magazine 28 january/february 2009

Purifying Crystals

Purifying Crystals: How to clear, charge and purify your healing crystals

The crystalline form of matter can range from solid metals (polycrystalline) to various forms of quartz, silicon or even ice. Snowflakes, diamonds and table salt are all crystals. Certain crystals are used to store, amplify or organize energy.

With technology, we use crystals continuously in our daily life. They regulate our timepieces, tune our radios and televisions and operate our computers. In doing all these various chores, crystals process energy. But they are not maintenance- free.

Most of us have experienced the famous computer prompt, “Not enough memory.” That often means that the central processing unit of the computer is full to the top with information. That computer processor is made from silicon crystal. When the computer “crashes,” we have to reboot. In essence, that means clearing the excess data from the crystal computer chip.

Personal crystals in the form of pendants, jewelry and such perform a similar function. A crystal can store personal emotional energy, universal background energy and other dynamics. And, like a computer crystal or power transistor, they benefit from regular resetting or clearing. To clear the “bad” memory of a computer silicon crystal processor, we use software or reboot. But how do you clear the energy field of that diamond in your engagement ring or the tourmaline quartz of your necklace or that amethyst pendant?

Purifying Crystals — How to clear, charge and purify your healing crystals (Findhorn Press) has the answer for you. Michael Gienger has put together a simple guide on how to work with the crystals in your collection to maintain them and keep them functioning properly. In this small 64-page handbook you will find some of the accepted methods of cleansing and energizing crystals.

Since the use of crystals in their natural state is not a perfect science, methodology, reliable information and techniques vary on how to maintain them. Gienger sticks with some of the widely accepted, non-controversial techniques. Those generally use elements found in nature, staying close to energies like light, sound and materials like water and smoke.

Different crystals have different characteristics and the types of energies used to affect them will vary. Some crystals respond better to moon light as a purification energy; some to sunlight. Ocean water and fresh water are used. Smudging crystals with various herbs is another technique. And the prime energy, thought, is not overlooked. Gienger describes ceremonial cleansing techniques that can be used for any crystal. Nearly every page of the book has beautiful pictures or illustrations, all in full color. That makes crystal identification easy for the novice and methods quick to identify. The book also features sections on how to store and protect your valuable crystals even ways to clean and polish them physically.

Crystals are used for healing and affecting the body. They can be used to influence and affect rooms, businesses and homes as well. A brief section covers some of the ways to use your crystals to your benefit as you display them.

We’re all drawn to pretty, colorful products of nature like crystals and gems. What makes them special is the affect they have on us. With this new book, knowing how to properly harness that crystal power and to maintain our valuable crystal helpers has never been easier.

— MB, Heartland Healing Magazine 28 january/february 2009