The Healing Crystal First Aid Manual, review by Lauren D’Silva, BellaOnline

The Healing Crystal First Aid Manual by Gienger
The Healing Crystal First Aid Manual by Michael Gienger is an easy way for anyone to find out which crystals may help them alleviate a whole variety of common ailments. There are some useful tips and advice about how to use the suggested crystals in treatments too.

I was fortunate enough to be sent a copy of Gienger’s book for review. The book is organised as an A-Z manual of ailments, so that it is usually quite easy to locate the advice you need. First Gienger explains the ailment in accessible terms and then he recommends one or more crystals that he has found to be effective in treating that condition and the most appropriate methods of application. Although most of the ailments listed are physical, he also has some suggestions for more emotional states such as fear and nervousness and for processes such as detoxification. There is an index of the conditions covered at the front of the book, which is useful. It is important to state that Gienger isn’t suggesting that you treat serious medical conditions solely with crystals. His stance is that if you need professional treatment you should go and seek it, however you may support your treatment with crystals.

Part One of the book is a brief overview of crystal healing, followed by Part Two which is the A-Z section of ailments which forms the majority of the text. Part Three suggests crystals to have at hand in Home Remedy Kits. Finally there is a photographic section detailing the crystals and their key attributes. The photos are very striking, captured in the trademark style Gienger utilised in his excellent book, Crystal Power, Crystal Healing: The Complete Handbook.

The Healing Crystal First Aid Manual had already been recommended to me by one of my students. She has made extensive use of it and had shown me a few simple but effective techniques that I have since incorporated into my own crystal healing repertoire. One of the helpful tips is to use an amethyst druse to take away headaches. I use a cluster that I can easily hold in my hand, although Gienger suggests a saucer size piece, which I would find a bit too heavy. You use the amethyst a bit like a hairbrush, holding it just an inch or so from the physical body and ‘brushing’ from the hairline, over the head and down to the back of the neck, first on the centreline, then giving 4-5 strokes on either side of the head until you reach the ear. There is a helpful little line drawing in the book.

I think this is an excellent reference book for anyone who likes crystals and wants guidance on how they can use them for their own wellbeing. Overall Gienger’s suggestions seem sound and he has based them on many years of personal experience in healing with crystals.

For those of us that choose appropriate crystals more intuitively for treatments the book is perhaps less essential, however it is still interesting to look at what Gienger would recommend for the presenting condition. It is also very helpful for self treatment, as it can be harder for therapists to ‘therapy themselves’. I’m pleased to add it to my collection of crystal reference books and have found that I’ve already referred to it several times for myself and clients in the month since I’ve had it.

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