Discover how Alison Bayne found her magical name using the Tree Angel Oracle

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Calling my name

I thought my name choosing days were over. We have two children and we spent a long time selecting the names that felt right, that were meaningful, not too popular and not fodder for bullies. Now we can’t imagine calling them anything else, their names fit them perfectly.

But a magickal name? An exciting prospect. So many words were relevant, so many concepts inspired me – characteristics, deities, plants, weather, elements, my star-sign – I wanted it to say so much and yet feel right, not too complex or contrived.

Whenever I woke in the night (fairly regular occurence with young children), different names floated through my mind, pairing together, drifting apart. White Rose Owl was the first, but it seemed a little simple. Starlight Ocean came next, but that was too remote.

Inspiration came from The Tree Angel Oracle, (Hagenender and Heng, £14.99, Earthdancer). A grounding meditation from the Magicka School had lead me to consider in more depth my connection to trees, so when I saw this pack of 36 illustrated cards at, I decided to consult it with regards to my magickal name.

Blackthorn is the tree that spoke to me from the Oracle, and I wanted to share with you some of what it said: “You are standing before a journey into the depths of your own shadows, and your inner demons will want to darken your vision…the blessings of this angel give you the courage to look into the mirror of your soul…It will be up to you whether you do this journey with or without the aid of a friend or therapist…the turning point has arrived…The Blackthorn promises inner victory, and the signs are looking good!”

With this in mind, I chose Goodchild as my second name, as a tribute to the little girl I once was. That evening I attended my counselling session, and made a huge and incredible breakthrough and realisation, which, on reflection, seemed to suggest that my name was just right, and I am now ready it to use it. I am really happy to be sharing my life with the Goddess who is giving me such insight and power to heal myself!

I have been “Out of the Cave” on another forum for a while now, and I am delighted to be leaving the cave now, and taking a new name. Just wanted to share the news with you!

Brightest blessings to one and all.

Blackthorn Goodchild.