Twelve Essential Healing Crystals

Your first aid manual for preventing and treating common ailments from allergies to toothache.

by Michael Gienger


This first aid guide to treating common ailments focuses on just 12 stones that cover a wide range of applications. The guide shows the reader how to identify the right stone for each ailment − the index lists more than 300 specific complaints, including those that occur frequently, such as: allergies, coughs, headaches, hormonal complaints, minor injuries, sunburn, stomach ache and toothache.

This is your own home pharmacy in portable, pocket form.

Divided into 12 chapters, one for each stone, the guide explains many illnesses and complaints in clear, concise, understandable language and suggests the appropriate stone for each ailment and how to use it.

This practical, handy guide distills the essence of our current understanding of healing with gemstones. The 12 stones selected will help the reader maintain their health and heal both their body and mind.

Endorsement Quotes

A beautifully produced crystal handbook and guide for the crystal healer. Whether you are a novice or more experienced, this book has a universal appeal. Twelve crystals with their healing applications are offered which shed light on numerous conditions. Highly recommended.
– Michael Eastwood, author of the Crystal Oversoul Attunement Cards and Unfolding Our Light

Extent: 64 pages

Binding: Paperback
Size:115 x 165 mm portrait
Illustration: Full colour with 12 beautiful crystal photographs
Published price: £4.99/ US$ 9.95
ISBN: 978-1-84409-642-8

Published March 2014

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Michael Gienger

Michael Gienger was born on 20 May 1964 in Nürtingen and grew up in South Germany beside the Schönbuch forest. Even as a child, he felt that his true home was in the woods and in the natural world. He inherited a love of the mountains from his parents and it was there that he also developed his passion for crystals. At the age of eight, he began to collect minerals systematically and at twelve attended his first geology lessons at community college.

At about the same time, there was a growing movement among youth groups that united young people to work towards a meaningful life. At the age of fourteen, Michael Gienger began to lead school groups; at just sixteen he founded a magazine with friends that was devoted to topics such as natural healing, healthy nutrition, environmental protection, human rights, social responsibility, peace and freedom.

At the age of twenty-one, after personal experience of the healing power of crystals, Michael Gienger developed an interest in healing crystal therapy and, having trained at an alternative therapy school in 1988, went on to make a significant contribution to its development. With a group of friends, he founded the first crystal healing research group in Stuttgart, followed by Steinheilkunde e.V., a crystal healing association (1995), the Cairn Elen Life Schools (1997), the Cairn Elen Crystal Healing Network (1998) and, finally, the Edition Cairn Elen imprint at Neue Erde (2000), through which both his own works and those of many colleagues have been published.

Twenty of Michael Gienger’s books have been published, with editions available in a total of twelve languages. His magnum opus, the New Encyclopaedia of Healing Stones, was unfortunately destined to remain unfinished.

Mindfulness and a sense of responsibility were the key motivating factors that led him to associate himself with fair trade in the mineral and gemstone business in 2005, and this involvement led him to participate in the Honduras Opal project in Lempira/Honduras from 2008. The non-profit Fair Trade Minerals & Gems e.V. association, on whose board he served, was founded on his initiative in 2009.

In addition to his work on natural healing therapies and social responsibility, Michael Gienger was always concerned with promoting the understanding that only a change in our inner attitudes can make a healthy and holistic life of fulfilment and happiness possible for all. For him, a new lifestyle for the future was based on a mutual interplay of inner understanding and external involvement, to which he contributed with lectures, training courses, publications and useful products.

Michael Gienger left behind his physical body on 16 November 2014 after a short but serious illness. He has gone, but his ideas remain.

Healing Crystals 2nd revised edition, 2014, by Earthdancer / Findhorn Press
Healing Crystal First Aid Manual, 2006, by Earthdancer / Findhorn Press
Gem Water, 2008, by Earthdancer / Findhorn Press
Purifying Crystals, 2008, by Earthdancer / Findhorn Press

Crystal Gifts, 2015, by Earthdancer /Findhorn Press


Joachim Goebel

Joachim Goebel; even in early childhood, was always irresistibly drawn to the water element. Playful activities with water deepened into natural curiosity in his youth, and he became increasingly interested in the study of this natural phenomenon. His interest in healing grew steadily at the same time. Joachim Goebel studied medicine and then dedicated himself, in parallel, to Ayurvedic studies and various different natural healing processes. In this connection he recognized water as the elixir of life in this, our mortal state, and he devoted himself with even greater commitment to the holistic research of water. In 1997, he was introduced to the subject of crystal healing. Further inspired by the teachings of the medieval naturalist Hildegard von Bingen, Joachim Goebel began his ‘water and gem’ research in 1998. At the time, gem water was largely unheard of, so he began with initial examinations and trials. They were so successful that the subject of gem water became the focus of his daily professional activities. As a lecturer in crystal healing he gives talks, seminars and training on the subject of gem water and also offers personal consultations.

Publication: Gem Water, 2008, by Earthdancer / Findhorn press


Isabel Silveira

Maria Isabel Cintra da Silveira was born in São Paulo in 1965. She graduated from FAAP in 1987 as a Business Administrator specializing in Marketing, before working for three years in the financial markets.

In 1989, great inner changes saw Isabel begin a path of studies in search of the necessary knowledge for her transformation and growth. The book Dancing in the Light, written by the actress Shirley MacLaine, was the landmark discovery on her spiritual journey.In 1995 Isabel met the Crystal master, Antonio Duncan. As well as imparting his vast knowledge and expertise, Duncan was responsible for awakening in Isabel her gift of connection with the mineral realm and taught her how to ‘listen’ to crystals.

Crystals have since become a means of expression in Isabel’s life, part of her day-to-day activities, both personally and professionally.

Isabel has developed a singular ability to relate the functions of crystals with themes approached by Radioesthesy, Radionics, Shamanism, Kabbalah and Mythology. Through her work, even abstract theoretical concepts achieve manifest and concrete form through a ‘crystalline embodiment’. The result is an incredibly effective means of assimilating those concepts into our lives, allowing the necessary transformation and growth for our evolutionary process.

Quartz Crystals, 2008, by Earthdancer / Findhorn Press


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Gem Water

How to prepare and use more than 130 gem waters for therapeutic treatments

by Michael Gienger & Joachim Goebel

Adding crystals to water is both visually appealing and healthy. The water becomes infused with crystalline energy!

It is a known fact that water carries mineral information, and, following this principle, gem-infused water can provide effective remedies that act quickly on a physical level. The use of Gem Water is similar and complementary to the wearing of crystals, but the effects are not necessarily the same.

This book will tell you all you need to know about the correct way to prepare Gem Water and provides important information on which crystals are appropriate to use (some are not!). The concept may appear simple at first, but you need to apply it with care, and the book explains all the facts you need to know before getting started.

The book features over 100 Crystals and 34 special mixtures with their effects as Gem Water remedies.

Extent: 96 pages, full colour
Binding: Paperback
Size: 115 x 165 mm portrait
Illustration: Full colour with many photographs
Published price: £ 5.99/ US$ 11.95

ISBN 13: 978-1-84409-131-7

Publication date: April 1st 2008

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Purifying Crystals

How to clear, charge and purify your healing crystals

by Michael Gienger

This book should be of interest to anyone who uses crystals for healing purposes. The correct cleansing of healing crystals is an essential prerequisite for working with them successfully. But how can this be done effectively? There appear to be many different opinions on the subject.

What often causes confusion is that there are methods for eliminating information from crystals, methods for cleansing crystals of foreign or undesirable energies, and methods for charging crystals; and depending on the desired result, a different method should be used in each case.

This useful little guidebook explores many of the known methods – their uses, efficacy and limitations – and provides you with all you need to know to clear, cleanse and charge your healing crystals.

Other topics include the external cleaning of jewellery for purely aesthetic purposes, and the correct application of crystals for cleansing rooms.

Extent: 64 pages
Binding: Paperback
Size:115 x 165 mm portrait
Illustration: Full color with many pictures
Published price: £4.99/ US$ 9.95
ISBN: 978-1-84409-147-8

Publication date: September 2008

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Purifying Crystals MB, Heartland Healing Magazine 28 january/february 2009

The Healing Crystal First Aid Manual

A Practical A to Z of common ailments and illnesses and how they can be best treated with crystal therapy

by Michael Gienger

This is an easy-to-use A-Z guide for treating many common ailments and illnesses with the help of crystal therapy.
It includes a comprehensive color appendix with photographs and short descriptions of each gemstone recommended.

Based upon on many years of research by the author and his practical experience of crystal therapy, it provides help and useful advice for the use of healing crystals in your own home.
Not only does it give exact advice on how to use the crystals but it also depicts clearly what the illness is about and which psychological roots might be the cause of it.

So, whilst in no way is the book intended as a substitute for your doctor or alternative practitioner, the book serves as a complement to their skills and many will find it just as indispensable.

Extent: 320 pages b/w
Binding: Paperback with cover flaps
Size: 145 x 208 mm portrait
Illustration: 32 color pages insert with photographs
Published price: £13.99/ US$ 28.95
ISBN: 978-1-84409-084-6

Publication date: September 2006

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Quartz Crystals

A guide to identifying quartz crystals and their healing properties

by Isabel Silveira

This is an innovative work in both theme and presentation.

The book allows the reader to quickly and easily identify an array of quartz crystals and become familiar with their distinctive features. Colourful pictures bring the reader up close to the beauty and diversity of the quartz crystal family, illustrating specific details of each crystal formation described.

Also included is a rich report of the author’s personal experiences of working with quartz crystals on a daily basis, showing possible uses for the energetic qualities of each piece.

Objectivity, practicality and beauty make this book an indispensable work for those who admire the splendour of the mineral realm, and wish to develop an understanding of its energetic properties.

Extent: 80 pages
Binding: Paperback
Size: 146 x 208 mm portrait
Illustration: Full color
Published price: £8.99/ US$ 17.95
ISBN: 978-1-84409-148-5

Publication date: September 2008

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Quartz Crystals review by MB, Heartland Healing Magazine